Time flies

How is it passible that time flies by so fast and where does it go. Is there a place where I can go back att look on what have happened and what I have missed. Right that is what this blog i suppose to be. And since I haven’t been very good with updating it the last 2 moths it really doesn’t help me right now.

Any how the last two moths have been very intense, I started working full time again and I have been so tired when coming home. Peter is taking care of the kids and the house now and we have had some time to get used to new routines. And I think that we are starting getting things right now. Things start working much more soothly and I am up in full speed at work. I really love my job and I am so happy that Peter can be home for a while and that I can go back and work. I love my family like crazy and I love our home, but I am really a person who need variety and some balance.

One thing that I haven’t stopped doing is documenting our lives. And even if I haven’t had time to update it here on the blog I have kept taking pictures and write stories of what is going on.  Project life is my therapy and I spend like almost every night with pictures and PL layouts. I am really focusing on finishing my 2014 album which will be huge. I really haven’t started with the 2015 jet, but I am not stressing out about it, I know that I will have time catch up.

So I hope that I will update this blog more frequently during the spring than I have done during the winter. Winter is slowly moving out and spring and sun is coming in. Yhaaa that is always good news for my photography and naturally even good news for this blog.