Landet och Stugan

How can I make this work?

So I am really trying to find a way to make this work. But right now I just don’t seem to find time.

I think the time aspekt is the most difficult part when you are working with memory keeping and have a full time job and a household to take care of. It’s one thing to snap pictures and organize them in you computer, but to make something good with them, that is a totally different ball game.  Even with project life, that is designed for making the process simple and fast. It takes time. But the only thing here in life that we all have the same amount of is time.

At the moment I am so determined to make this work that I must find a way. I love this so much. I love working with my pictures, I love working with my album but most of all I love looking at all the pictures with my kids. This is my motivation, this is what makes me try so hard to find the time for this. I know that my blog post wont be updated right away and that is okey as long as I will try to update it continually it will work for me. The most important part is to take pictures and capture the precocious little moments, because I know that if I have my pictures I can always tell the story. So how am I doing. Right now I am very close to finishing my 2014 album, I have about 4 more weeks to finish then it’s done. I know it is awesome I can’t hardly wait.  When 2014 is done, I will start with 2015 and so far the amount of pictures is manageable. By easter I should be done with catching ut 2015 that is the goal. And till then I will keep on capturing the little moments.

So here are some of the pictures that I snapped at our cottage last week, when we went there and stayed over the weekend. You can see that spring is just around the corner but it is still very cold. The sun i back though which is really nice and suddenly life feels so much easer around here. The lake was still frozen and Olivia have hard time to understand that this was the lake, but she was very careful about it and  really tried to figure it out. Jonathan loves being out at the cottage and enjoys hanging out in the sun with us.