Right Now

I just need to get used to update this blog more frequently. Wonderful things are happening to me right now and I am so up in the air right that I just don’t know where to land. But things will start getting normal agin soon and hopefully I will get some focus as well.

At the moment we are in Skåne visiting Peters sister, who lives here with her husband and two wonderful boys. Olivia gets along very well with the boys and we are having really nice time down here. We celebrated new years eve here and decided to stay few more days, spend some quality time together instead of stressing back home.

So today we visited  the train museum. It was a really good museum with lots of the Swedish rail way history and I managed to learn something new. But most of all it was a grate museum for the kids. Olivia and the boys had a blast and I think that we really need to go on an “Old Train” trip this summer. That would be so cool to go on a old fashion train you know.

After the museum trip the kids were exhausted and Olivia show her brother some relaxing activities. It is so wonderful to see them together  like that.

Any how need to run to the bed now.