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2014 Project Life Blog Circle

I started with PL during 2012. I was looking for something clever that I could do with my private pictures. I take a lot of pictures and I hate having them on my computer, at the same time I am even worse with ordering copies and putting them to albums. But when I discovered that I could do project life digitally I totally fell in love with it. I love PhotoShop and I haven’t regretted my digital choice since then.

In case you are new here my name is Anna and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I write my blog in Swedish but you can easily translate it to English with google translate if you are curious to read more. But don’t worry the posts for PL Blog Circle will be in English. I have a 14 month old daughter and I live with my British husband Peter who is crazy about beer and whiskey. I am a part-time photographer and at my full time job I do marketing communication.

This is my first Blog Circle and I hope this will help me get motivated and stay on track with my pages. Unfortunately I have not finished my title page for 2014 since I am quite bussy finishing off 2013. So far I made it to Week 15, but since I discovered a greate community on Facebook with Project Lifers it feels like I have gain a lot of inspiration and motivation to finish off 2013 very quickly and get in track with 2014.

So if you want to find out more about our little blog circle please head on over to Helen’s blog and check our her introductory post!

For this time I will share my latest spread with you that I finished yesterday.






These are the products I used: