Jonathan 1 år

Jonathans Birthday


I am back at work, we are back in the city and the kids are getting back in to their daily routines. We are back on our everyday schedule and gone are tho lazy days of summer.

I hate this time of the year. The summer that I spend so long time looking forward to is over and gone. Fortunately I have a lot of lovely pictures left to look at and remember the beautiful moments. The office feels so dry and empty and my thoughts are not where they should be, as I am looking outside the window and thinking of how lovely it would be to have lunch with the kids down the lake. Eventually I will share all my summer photos with you but I need some time to process them all first. There are about 2999 pictures from this summer so stayed tuned for more summer stories.

First I really want to share these photos with you. These were taken at Jonathans birthday. We were at the summer place and preparing for going back to the city in a few days,  so we din’t throw a big party that day but we had a lovely family day. Jonathan and Olivia were very pleased with the raspberry cake for breakfast, the presents and the activities. Later on we went to the beautiful 4H farm Färsna in Norrtälje. They have different animals, like rabbits, goats, sheep, horses, hen and pigs that children can meet and pet.  This time Olivia even got to pet the cat which she really liked.

 We finished with some ice-cream and an visited the horses before we went back home for a swim in the lake and dinner. We didn’t do much that day but it was great. I am so looking forward to more days like these and I think this is how we will celebrate birthdays in the future as well.