December Daily – Day 1


So I have finished the first day of December Daily. It is quite fun, but it takes really long time for me to finished. Bud I really enjoy working with this format. Hopefully things will speed up for me when I get the hang of it. So far what takes most time is to import the pictures and edit and select.

Todays story is about how I really want to prepare for Christmas and my spirit this year. I really enjoy writing a little longer story, not what happened, and who is in the pictures,  but a little bit of my thoughts and also put things in perspective.

Today we did a bit of decorating, so I snapped a picture of the stars in our window and documented when Jonathan did a mess in the kitchen. Since it is the first of Advent we also lid some candles. We did tons of thing today, went shopping, cooked food, met with friends. But I don’t feel I really need to put down all of that in my album, and I like how the pictures tell the same story. Not sure if I am going to keep the number One, since it is the 29 of November, but it is the 1st Advent. Oh well I will see how things look when I get to the 2nd advent. That’s the good part of doing things digital. You can actually change your mind and change the whole thing.

We will see what tomorrows story will bee.