Summer time


So summer has finally started for us. Yesterday we moved out to our summer place and we’ll spend the whole July and most of the August there. The kids love our little place and it’s so easy to stay there with them. I am still working so I take the buss to work now and then but my plans are to work from there as well.  The summer time is so important for us here in the north. After an long, cold and dark period the summer is the time when we find time to rest and reload our energy. And the best way to spend a summer is at the summer place where we have near to water and and lots of strawberry fields. The time is still there we go to bed when we feel tired , we wake up when we like and don’t really keep track of time for lunch or supper. We just eat when we feel like it.

I have found this new tool so I can blogg from my iPhone. So hopefully I will be able to blog little mor about our summer through my iPhone so stayed tune because things are slowing down and now there is time for some fun.

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Välkommen till min blogg!

Jag heter Anna och handlar om mitt liv- min vardag, min man Peter och våra barn Olivia och Jonathan, om hus & trädgård, om vårt landställe och lediga dagar skärgården.

Till vardags jobbar jag med marknadskommunikation på ett globalt företag i Stockholm. Tidigare bestod mitt liv även av resor och diverse fotouppdrag, men sen aug 2014 när unge nr två föddes så handlar livet mest och tvåbarnskaoset och vår vardag som nyblivna husägare i en förort i Stockholm.