• December daily – Day 2


    I know it’s not December really yet. But I had a good story today so I needed to write it down. And in the end it really don’t matter how many stories we get right? I really wanted to get the 1:st of Advent in my album, even if it wasn’t December, because it is when the whole season starts for me. To day is just a day in between, but with a great story so I just squeezed it in.

    I really need to work on my lifestyle photos. For me the pictures are so much about the people and I have so much people pictures but hardly no things and landscape.

    Today I use a bit of Becky Higgins Stumpin Up –  Seasonal Snap Shots, on the left side and on right it’s Ali’s December Stories Vol2. on, the word art on the left i Ali’s as well. So far I think my collection works fine. I might need some more more filler cards, but not sure yet.

    Oh I also think I will do a spread per day. Seems like it woks the best for a photo book since you always have a spread open and I like how both pages contribute to the story. Totally love the story idea. It’s such relief not have to document the whole day. Can’t wait for tomorrow story.

    You can find all my DD here

  • December Daily – Day 1


    So I have finished the first day of December Daily. It is quite fun, but it takes really long time for me to finished. Bud I really enjoy working with this format. Hopefully things will speed up for me when I get the hang of it. So far what takes most time is to import the pictures and edit and select.

    Todays story is about how I really want to prepare for Christmas and my spirit this year. I really enjoy writing a little longer story, not what happened, and who is in the pictures,  but a little bit of my thoughts and also put things in perspective.

    Today we did a bit of decorating, so I snapped a picture of the stars in our window and documented when Jonathan did a mess in the kitchen. Since it is the first of Advent we also lid some candles. We did tons of thing today, went shopping, cooked food, met with friends. But I don’t feel I really need to put down all of that in my album, and I like how the pictures tell the same story. Not sure if I am going to keep the number One, since it is the 29 of November, but it is the 1st Advent. Oh well I will see how things look when I get to the 2nd advent. That’s the good part of doing things digital. You can actually change your mind and change the whole thing.

    We will see what tomorrows story will bee.

  • December Daily 2015


    This year I have decided to do December Daily (DD). I am so inspired by Ali Edwards December Daily project, and if I manage to complete it I will be soo proud. You can reed more about her and her DD here.

    Since this is my first year that I am approaching this, I will try to keep it really simple. The plan is to write a story per day  and choose just a few photos. All the other pictures will go to my yearly PL- Album. So, I won’t be writing about what we did that day but rather a story about something special, a moment, an observation or just my feelings. This will be very much my perspective and my DD stories. Most of them will be about our family, but there will be some just about me.

    My approach on DD is digital.  I will do it in a digital format and hopefully the result will be a printed 8×10 book.

    All my photos are edit in Lightroom CC, the pages are designed in Photoshop CC and the book is put together in InDesing CC. I have prepared a special collection of Digital products mostly Ali’s DD products and Beck’s christmas products. They are organised in Bridge CC with collections so they are easily found.  This is my fist photo book that I do in InDesign and I think it will give me much more flexibility with the texts that PS can’t offer, it’s worth a try and also an opportunity to learn something new.

    So join me in this wonderful project and check in daily to follow my process and my December stories.




  • About my CT Everyday Edition layout

    ARoseAugust3ARoseAugust3leftARoseAugust3rightI have received some questions about this layout that I have done for Becky Higgins creative team so I thought I could address them all here on the blog so you all can follow and get an understanding of how I do it.

    I use Photoshop CC for my Digital Project Life

    I have done this spread in Photshop CC. I don’t really want to compare the Project Life App to PS because it’s to totally different working processes. I think the app is great I love to use it while I am on the train or buss and I use it as a complement to my digital PL. But this spared is done in PS which 90% of my PL spreads are done in.

    The white borders around my photos

    The white borders are actually added to the temple not to the photo it self. I use Stroke in Photoshop to add white borders and when you add a stroke to your template you don’t have to worry of getting the white border centred. You can easily set a main stroke so it’s the same for all your frames. It’s super easy and I love the result.

    The font for my journaling

    The font I use is called Rebecka. I bough it long time ago at Sweet Shoppe Designs, but I think they have stopped selling fonts. It has international letters so I can use it when I write in Swedish and I use if for 90% of my journaling.  When I bought that font I was looking for something that would look like my handwriting and I think it was quite expensive at that time but I really don’t regret buying it was so worth it.

    Do I print my spreads?

    I don’t print my spreads. I do a photo book. You can see some pictures of my one of my PL photo books here. This year I think I will actually print two books one that covers Jan-Jun and one that cover Jul-Dec and print a lay flat book.

    My photo gear

    I have received questions about my Photo gear. I really don’t write about my gear since it’s so old. I use a Nikkon D700 it’s like 10 years old digital full frame camera and for these photos I used the 85 mm 1:4 lens. I love that camera since it’s so fast and the pictures size are quite small compared to today’s 45 megapixels full frame cameras since it only has 12 megapixels. The 85 mm is my all time favorite lens for children photography and portraits and I use it a lot.

    That’s pretty much it. I am so glad that you liked this spread and I hope I could give you some good answers.


  • Five reason why I love the Sweet Edition

    If anyone out there have missed it today Becky Higgins launchd the Sweet Edition for Project Life and you should check it out. I totally love this kit. It’s so special like no other kit out there and I really love that it is a full edition that is really well designd and works wonderfully with my photos. Here is five reasons why I love it so much.

    1) I love the colors.

    There are so many other kits with bright colors or bright colors with yellow tone on the journaling cards. Contrary the Sweet Edition have withe backgrounds and soft warm colors. Pink, brown,green and turquoise. There are also some cards with golden touch which gives that extra glamorous look and feel. Anyhow these colors complement my photos very well. 

    2) I love that it is a full kit with stickers and overlays.

    The sweet edition is a full kit and it has so many cards. I love the variety of journaling cards, and filler card in all sizes and that they are so well designed. Not mention that it also have stickers and overlays which gives you tons of creative freedom of designing a page that fits your mood. 

    3) I love the mix of had drawings with typed serif font.

    This gives the ultimate personalized look, but it also reminds of a fashion magazine. It’s clear bold and personal with out being to childish or to cute while at the same time it’s really sweet.

    4) It’s perfect for the story about your self as much as it works for family pictures.

    If I would do a page about me and my girlfriends’ trip to Paris I would definitely use this kid, it’s so stylish and feminine. Luckily it works also well for family pictures since the cards are so well designed.

    5) At least the kit is full with cute cameras which I totally love.


    You can see the full overview of the entire kit right here


  • Fotosession with Jonathan

    I am working really hard now to finish the 2014 album. I am so looking forward my beautiful PL book with all the layouts that summaries basically what we have been up to this year.

    Today I finished week 41. Not much happened that week really, beside that I had a photo session with Jonathan so there are only pictures of cute baby Jonathan through the whole spread. This is really my approach to Project Life, I try to take as many pictures as I can during the weeks, but some week there are very few pictures, so I just cover one happening over the whole spread. I really don’t follow any strict rules that I need to have pictures from different days. If I only have pictures from one day that is fine. In the end what I care about is the stories I can tell, and I am glad of the stories that are told not sad about what I can’t tell or show.

    So for this spread I used BH Baby for him, edition. I love the colors in that kid and fits really nicely with my pictures I think.




  • Project Life Creative Team 2015

    Just before new years eve Becky Higgins announced the new creative team for 2015 and guess what I am one of the lucky girls. For those of you who are not familiar with with Project Life and Becky Higgins  you can go to her beautiful web page and learn all about it here.

    I fell in love with Project life when I was pregnant with Olivia. I was looking for a smart system to organize my pictures and bring it nicely in to a photo book. You can read about my first PL photo book here . Since I am more comfortable using Photoshop than seizors I started doing it digitally and I haven’t regretted it ever since. 2015 and here I am involved with project life more than i could ever dream of and during 2015 I will blog much more about my memory keeping and my Project Life then I have done before.  So stay tuned!


  • Project Life V22 fortsättning- kalas

    Vecka 22 tycks aldrig ta slut. Är inne på det tredje uppslaget och jag tror att det kommer att bli ytterligare då jag har 270 bilder från den vackan. Jag får inte med alla 270 men på det här sättet får jag ändå med de bästa bilderna och historierna runt dem. Det här uppslaget är från ett kalas i parken, vi hade verkligen en superhärlig dag. Vissa av de här bilderna skulle jag vilja göra som förstoringar, får se om vi kan få till en liten fotovägg här hemma. Layout mässigt är det inga konstigheter, fortfarande mest fokus på mina bilder som jag försöker lätta upp lite med färg och mönster. Har inte pillat så mycket med dekorationer den här gången, ja kanske tittelkortet med “Partaj” men annars ganska sparsamt.






  • Project Life fortsättning Vecka 22

    Vissa veckor har jag verkligen så mycket bilder att veckorna fortsätter uppslag efter uppslag. Men som tur så finns det inga regler när det kommer till PL. Det här uppslaget har experimenterat lite med. Jag ville göra ett uppslag om den dagen då Olivia tog sitt pick och pack och bestämt ville gå till parken. Trots att det regnade och det fanns inte en kotte där. Men hon hade en trevlig utflykt och var ganska nöjd. Men jag hade inte bilder för båda sidorna samtidigt som jag ville få med en förstoring, utan att det blir helt platt. Så jag har försökt att göra en sida med en förstorad bild fast ändå lite kreativt. Jag vet inte om det hänger ihop så mycket med den första sidan, men det är ändå ett uppslag med en story och jag tror jag gillar det. Ska försökt göra lite fler sådana inlägg med förstorade bilder, det är så fint att ha med förstoringar i boken och blanda det med de andra uppslagen.




  • Project Life vecka 22

    Ytterligare en vecka klar! Tjohooo jag har sån flow nu. Jag har verkligen börjat nörda ner mig i det här vilket är bra för då kanska jag får klart albumet till skillnad från 2013 som jag ännu inte gjort klart. Jag har lagt till flera PL bloggar på min reader, jag har suttit och scanat olika PL forum och det finns så himla mycket fina saker där ute och jag vill göra mycket mer än vad jag gör idag. Jag skulle vilja göra ett sommaralbum där jag blandar PL uppslag med mina fina bilder typ som Linda har gjort. Älskar hennes still och uppslag. Men jag skulle också vilja testa och göra lite traditionella LO för att lyfta en del bilder men här har jag inte så mycket erfarenhet ännu. Saken är den att liggande bilder blir så små i ett 30×30 album och behöver nästan läggas på en designad LO sida för att de ska lyfta, men jag har ingen aning om hur det ska se ut. Dock gillar jag hela trenden mad vattenfärger, så det kanske blir något åt det hållet. Egentligen vill jag att sommaren ska ta slut så man kan sitta inne framför sin dator utan dåligt samvete och pyssla hela dagar och kvällar.  Sanningen är det att jag har verkligen jätteroligt när jag får pyssla med dessa små layouter, när jag får experimentera och testa nya saker.

    Den här veckan har jag provat att göra egna flairs (som det så fint heter) de ser ut som små knappar. Jag trodde att det skulle vara ganska svårt, men det var superenkelt och nu har jag sparat en inställning så jag kan göra hur många flairs jag vill. Sen experimenterar jag vidare med Word Art på svenska eftersom jag gärna vill ha lite svenska uttryck i mina album. Nu tror jag att det är dags att jobba i kapp vecka 23, men tillsvidare får ni ta del av vecka 22.